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It's only the second episode, but I'm really digging Tower Prep. Two parts The Prisoner, one part Sky High.

I have a colony of what could be brown anoles living on or near the side of my house. They keep sneaking in and hiding in my closets. They're adorable so I'm ok with that, except that I need to keep rescuing them from the cats. Who knows how many have been devoured in terror while I'm not around. :(
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You gotta love the Fancy Brigades!

Thank goodness for nighttime shows for those of us who sleep through the parade.

ETA: Hopefully the makers of Halo aren't watching the South Philly Vikings right now. Somehow I don't think they paid royalties. :)
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I really do live in a zoo.

As of today, my small two bedroom house contains:

+ Four medium-sized dogs (three of my own; one dog that my ex-husband took that I fought like hell to get visitation rights for in the divorce, here for a week)
+ Five cats (three of my own; two belonging to the houseguest who is staying with me for a couple of months)
+ Two adult humans.

For the record, two humans, four dogs, and one cat can all fit comfortably on one standard-sized sofa. I fear the arrival of another cat, however.
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New bird at the birdfeeder today: gray, with an orange-red fauxhawk and black and white striped wings. Very punk and cute!


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