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Also Brad/Cassidy and Cale/Tommy. A few of Werewolf!Alpha!Adam's pack bring him an injured fox for a toy/snack during the full moon. He decides to keep it as a pet instead. Imagine his surprise when the fox turns into a very befuddled naked man the next morning (in his bed).

It's hard to believe [personal profile] skykissed when she says that she's a brand new fic writer. She's churned out 61 62* parts of this comment fic so far, in a week, plus a side story and an unrelated Star Trek fusion drabble story**. (Roughly 50,000 words total, maybe?) And despite the blistering pace and no beta yet, it's all GOOD.

*She posted again while I was typing this.
**She also posted an unexpected part 2 while I was typing this. See? FAST.
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spun inside my heart is part nine of this amazingly sweet series. (The first eight are linked at the top.)

Until I read the author's note, I had no idea that she was already up to 23,000 words, and quite frankly, another 15,000 won't be anywhere near enough to satisfy me. It's like being wrapped in a big, warm blanket of schmoop, and I could stay there forever.

Plus, I really need to read that first time bondage piece.
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Kris Allen's album is really legitimately excellent. It should have done so much better on the charts.

(I actually downloaded it a month or so ago, but I'm currently listening to it for about the tenth time. I hadn't mentioned it before because this Kradam thing took me by surprise, and I've been in denial.)


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