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Also Brad/Cassidy and Cale/Tommy. A few of Werewolf!Alpha!Adam's pack bring him an injured fox for a toy/snack during the full moon. He decides to keep it as a pet instead. Imagine his surprise when the fox turns into a very befuddled naked man the next morning (in his bed).

It's hard to believe [personal profile] skykissed when she says that she's a brand new fic writer. She's churned out 61 62* parts of this comment fic so far, in a week, plus a side story and an unrelated Star Trek fusion drabble story**. (Roughly 50,000 words total, maybe?) And despite the blistering pace and no beta yet, it's all GOOD.

*She posted again while I was typing this.
**She also posted an unexpected part 2 while I was typing this. See? FAST.
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spun inside my heart is part nine of this amazingly sweet series. (The first eight are linked at the top.)

Until I read the author's note, I had no idea that she was already up to 23,000 words, and quite frankly, another 15,000 won't be anywhere near enough to satisfy me. It's like being wrapped in a big, warm blanket of schmoop, and I could stay there forever.

Plus, I really need to read that first time bondage piece.


May. 22nd, 2010 12:30 am
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I just read John Winchester/Brad Bell.

It wasn't badly written or anything, but I can't quite get past the weirdness of the pairing.


Dean and Bobby sat drinking coffee, contemplating John Winchester's love life and both of them really wishing they were drinking something alcoholic.

"I like Brad," Bobby finally said.

"What? He has spunk?" Dean asked sardonically. He closed his eyes. "Allow me to rephrase that."
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You're sucking me in, I admit, and there's a ton of really great stuff out there. But I'm starting to develop a pet peeve.

Adam is 6'1" and looks to be naturally of a somewhat heavy build. This is about four inches over the average in the United States, but in no way qualifies him huge or towering or massive or such. I'm huge for a woman at only about half an inch shorter, but my brother and almost all of my male cousins are a couple to several inches taller. That's a huge guy in this country.

While we're here, Kris Allen is 5'7". That's only a couple of inches under the average in the United States. That's small, but it's not tiny either.

Thank you. I now return you to your regularly scheduled porn.


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