God, Mom

Apr. 17th, 2011 01:22 pm
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If you:

- say shit about how "uppity" my (black) sister-in-law is,
- and give her crap about her cornrows,
- and complain about her wanting to go to dinner right away instead of waiting around with my newborn nephew for three hours until the nicer restaurant opens,
- and complain about how terrible a mother she is because she asks my brother to run upstairs to check on the baby,
- and that she shouldn't believe the pediatrician that the rash isn't anything to worry about (while implying that she is lying about even asking him),
- and that she's sponging off my brother because you think she's probably not going back to work after three months (even though she says that she is, and anyway they could swing her being a stay-at-home mom if she decides she wants to be),
- and sneak smokes near the baby even though they've requested you smoke outside

You really don't get to bitch to me for a half an hour about her being "cold" to you, and no, you're not bending over backwards to be nice to her.

Guess why my (gay) cousin Brian doesn't really want to hang out with you either. No, it's not because he makes "bad decisions".
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wtf was that? )
Honestly, the most baffling part about this episode is that my friends list seems to have liked it.
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Poll #2777 Questions, questions.
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Should I click on the link I just ran across to a Nick Jonas double penetration fanart ?

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I worry about you sometimes.
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Who cares, he's your least favorite Jonas anyway.
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It can't possibly be worse then that Kris Allen is the Pink Power Ranger fic you read last night.*
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Since when are you trolling for Jonas Brothers fanfic? You don't even like their music!
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Do you seriously expect this to work? You've never managed yet to post a poll that does, even using the Poll Creator tool.
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*Conceptually, that is. The fic itself was actually pretty good.
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I've never been a big believer in all of the fuss over so-called "vanity sizing". Everyone claimed that everyone was doing it, but I hadn't seen much evidence - I've been roughly a US size 28, sometimes maybe a 26W, for at least five to eight years.

However, today I checked out the current offerings at MyShape.com, my go-to place for clothes that fit great. They only show you items that will fit you based on your actual measurements. Most of my very favorite pieces come from them, so I know that the system works.

And today I discovered that Jessica Howard apparently believes that I'm a 24W. But even worse, at some company called Scarlett Dresses, I'm a 22W.

WTF. Like finding nice clothes wasn't already hard enough.


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