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I deeply appreciate that Mindless Behavior videos feature attractive but "real looking" (braces, etc.) young teen girls of a variety of shapes and looks, wearing pretty and fashionable clothing that isn't frighteningly sexual. I must be all grown up and shit.

In other I-can't-believe-I'm-admitting-to-watching-MTVHits news, I actually think How To Love is really pretty. And Lil Wayne looks sort of sexy to me for the first time ever. In parts of it.

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What: Fentimans Dandelion and Burdock Soda

Why: Spotted it on a sale display as I wandered down a random aisle in World Market, and was instantly intrigued.

Verdict: Intense liquorice aftertaste. It was so. very. close. to being great until that ruined it all. Blech. :(
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This was me most of today: ME!
This is me now: me.

I'm catching up on the new episodes of The Mentalist tonight. I am reminded that Cho is one of the best characters on TV, and also one of the least cliched. These facts may be related.

I find myself unexpectedly saddened by this. It sounds like a normal news story, but the man murdered was Starblade Rivan "Fuck you, I'm a dragon!" Darksquall. Unfunny_fandom has a short writeup. It's just... his entire life seems to have been a tragedy. It's unfair that his death has to be, too.
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In honor of PAC-MAN's 30th anniversary, Google has taken its usual homepage tribute logo to new heights - with a playable version.
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Apparently will.i.am gives the world's best PowerPoint presentations. (ref. - this week's Top 20 Countdown)

ETA: Also, Jared Leto is currently being interviewed wearing a very traditional studded black leather jacket, pink tiger-striped sunglasses, and a huge bright pink mohawk. It's possible I'm hallucinating.
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  • My dogs ate my cellphone. D: D: D:
  • I'm unaccountably amused that Fuse is celebrating Earth Day with a Green Day marathon.
  • It kind of bothers me that the minimum length for the Bandom Big Bang is 10,000 words. I know different fandoms have different standards for Big Bangs, but that's hardly a novella, never mind something impressively large. .

ETA: I realized that sounded kind of bad - definitely no insult to the authors or maintainers is intended!  For instance, I read Fngs fr th Mmrs the other day and thought that it was all sorts of awesome. But I noticed it in the BBB community yesterday and was honestly shocked, because I had actually been regretting that it was so short!

ETA2: No, seriously, everyone should go read Fngs fr th Mmrs, even if you're not into Patrick/Andy.

Summary: In which Patrick is a vampire, with a raging caffeine addiction, photophobia, and a poor grasp of the basics of vampirism.

"So, he had a bad time with this guy?" Pete asked, his voice icy. "And you decided to help him out?"

"What?" Joe asked.

The motel room door opened again, and Patrick barged in, sunglasses balanced over the top of his ordinary glasses, and took the coffee out of Pete’s hands.

"Thanks," Patrick said.

Patrick turned to look at Andy, and even through two layers of glasses, Andy would have sworn that Patrick’s eyes were far too bright and sharp, going right through him.

"Andy’s riding in the back with me," Patrick announced, in the kind of voice that no one, except his mother, would argue with.

Patrick pushed his way out of the room, scooping up the last coffee off the counter on the way, and Andy heard him say, "Oh, for fuck’s sake, who ordered all this sunshine? I’m going to get fucking sunburned in New Jersey in March."

"He’s taken all three coffees," Joe said, sounding aggrieved.

"Do you still think I took advantage of him?" Andy asked Pete.

"Only in the way that Gaul took advantage of Attila the Hun," Pete said. "By not have adequate defenses."

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Huh. I've never actually seen the video to "Sober" before, though I've always liked the song. It's kind of cool and sexy in a "this really should be freaking me out but it's not" sort of way. The women's heads merging together and disappearing alone should be hitting my missing body parts phobia, but it's not.

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This is why I need the fucking meds in the first place. I have such a headache too.

Warning: waaaaaay too much text.

In which insurance is a pain in the ass. )

In which I am an asshole to my pets. )

In which I am an asshole to my mom. )

I'm currently baking a cake. Maybe it will help balance my karma with the universe or something.
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Printed on the top of my Turkey Hill ice cream: "Butter Pecan ice cream chock-full of butter-roasted pecans."
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Dangerous Wands

In other news, Cute Overload has pissed me off by deleting my (mild!) comment about the unfortunate racial overtones to this. It makes me wonder how many others were also removed, especially considering the passive aggressive editors note half way down.
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Panera's new macaroni and cheese is obscenely good. According to the lady at the front counter, they've sold out of it every day since it was introduced last Thursday. (Oddly, I didn't see it listed on the main site. Is New Jersey a test market for it, maybe?)

This is hypnotic. I especially enjoyed playing with the plant, fire, and concrete settings.

I knew going in that it would be tough to find a rental that will take six pets. It's still a depressing process, though, and I'm feeling poor today which doesn't help.

I love that LabCorp lets you make online appointments now. The waiting room has gone from "always packed" to "usually pretty empty".

I need a baby so that I can dress them in this coat. And EXPLODE FROM THE ADORABLE.


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