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I glanced at this earlier today, to see if it looked like something to bookmark for later. After all, it's [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang, the author's name was vaguely familiar but not someone who had really made an impression on me, and I already had about four more stories in queue that I was really excited about.

And then I got sucked in and couldn't get away. Today at work was super busy, balancing two projects that were both in crisis, and I still snuck time everywhere I could, to read for just a few. more. minutes. It was that gripping. She was that gripping.

(For the record, I've already reread the Paramore section three times.)

Away With The Boys In The Band by [livejournal.com profile] inlovewithnight
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I have to admit, I went into chapter one expecting an abject failure - but I was proven wrong.

My hat's off to you and your WIP story, [livejournal.com profile] lls_mutant.
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Guys, [livejournal.com profile] werewolfbigbang has been putting out a highly improbable amount of excellent fic, and I can't continue not to share. A large percentage of it has been bandom (in fact, all of my recs are at least partially MCR), but there was a lot of other stuff in the mix too, including original fiction, and a couple of rare fandoms (The Mighty Boosh? Seriously?). I couldn't find an officially listed end date, but as the last story went up back on the 13th, I assume posting is complete.

It took me about five minutes staring at my screen to decide what was going to be my top rec. Gut wrenching realism? Or shockingly unexpected fantasy? It was a seriously tough call.

A Scent and a Sound )

Better Run Like The Devil )

Run )

lost in the falling dark )
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Also Brad/Cassidy and Cale/Tommy. A few of Werewolf!Alpha!Adam's pack bring him an injured fox for a toy/snack during the full moon. He decides to keep it as a pet instead. Imagine his surprise when the fox turns into a very befuddled naked man the next morning (in his bed).

It's hard to believe [personal profile] skykissed when she says that she's a brand new fic writer. She's churned out 61 62* parts of this comment fic so far, in a week, plus a side story and an unrelated Star Trek fusion drabble story**. (Roughly 50,000 words total, maybe?) And despite the blistering pace and no beta yet, it's all GOOD.

*She posted again while I was typing this.
**She also posted an unexpected part 2 while I was typing this. See? FAST.
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[livejournal.com profile] gala_apples posted a Killjoys/Spice Girls crossover that is both insane and brilliant.

Watch the video that inspired it, and tell me that they're not set in the same universe: embedding disabled, damn them.
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spun inside my heart is part nine of this amazingly sweet series. (The first eight are linked at the top.)

Until I read the author's note, I had no idea that she was already up to 23,000 words, and quite frankly, another 15,000 won't be anywhere near enough to satisfy me. It's like being wrapped in a big, warm blanket of schmoop, and I could stay there forever.

Plus, I really need to read that first time bondage piece.
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For no particular reason, I decided to troll the [livejournal.com profile] sodamnskippy archives this morning and reread some of my favorites. Skippyfic, if you're not already familiar with it, features Mike Carden (TAI...) and Kevin Jonas (The Jonas Brothers). As befits a crack pairing, a lot of it is light and fluffy, but there's also angst aplenty to be found.

For my money, some of the best recent bandom fic has come out of this community. It has slowed down a lot in the last couple of months, which makes me sad. :(

In the Lost and Found by [livejournal.com profile] starflowers

Also known (to me) as "the one that always makes me cry", it features a homophobic gay Kevin and no easy answers. That last scene is a killer.

“No, seriously, Kevin. Do you like Mike? I don’t think this is healthy for you.”

Kevin scowled and said defensively, “I don’t like him,” he snapped. “Not everyone’s like you and Spencer.”

Brendon frowned, looking hurt. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That not everyone is... is good together! Or meant to be with someone! Or good, despite... despite what they are!”

The rest found under the cut. )
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  • My dogs ate my cellphone. D: D: D:
  • I'm unaccountably amused that Fuse is celebrating Earth Day with a Green Day marathon.
  • It kind of bothers me that the minimum length for the Bandom Big Bang is 10,000 words. I know different fandoms have different standards for Big Bangs, but that's hardly a novella, never mind something impressively large. .

ETA: I realized that sounded kind of bad - definitely no insult to the authors or maintainers is intended!  For instance, I read Fngs fr th Mmrs the other day and thought that it was all sorts of awesome. But I noticed it in the BBB community yesterday and was honestly shocked, because I had actually been regretting that it was so short!

ETA2: No, seriously, everyone should go read Fngs fr th Mmrs, even if you're not into Patrick/Andy.

Summary: In which Patrick is a vampire, with a raging caffeine addiction, photophobia, and a poor grasp of the basics of vampirism.

"So, he had a bad time with this guy?" Pete asked, his voice icy. "And you decided to help him out?"

"What?" Joe asked.

The motel room door opened again, and Patrick barged in, sunglasses balanced over the top of his ordinary glasses, and took the coffee out of Pete’s hands.

"Thanks," Patrick said.

Patrick turned to look at Andy, and even through two layers of glasses, Andy would have sworn that Patrick’s eyes were far too bright and sharp, going right through him.

"Andy’s riding in the back with me," Patrick announced, in the kind of voice that no one, except his mother, would argue with.

Patrick pushed his way out of the room, scooping up the last coffee off the counter on the way, and Andy heard him say, "Oh, for fuck’s sake, who ordered all this sunshine? I’m going to get fucking sunburned in New Jersey in March."

"He’s taken all three coffees," Joe said, sounding aggrieved.

"Do you still think I took advantage of him?" Andy asked Pete.

"Only in the way that Gaul took advantage of Attila the Hun," Pete said. "By not have adequate defenses."

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I'm disappointed to see that there are only a few comments on this excellent fic, so I decided to give it a quick pimp. To quote from myself:

"It's not a pairing(s) that I'm normally interested in, and a lot of these polyamory stories involve cheating at some point, so I came in a bit doubtfully. But you handled it all smoothly, and made all three of the characters act like reasonable, intelligent adults, so the maturation of their relationships felt satisfying and real."

Bob/Brian, Bob/Ray, Bob/Ray/Brian

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My friends lists these days are overflowing with massive (and well deserved) Criminal Minds love. And yet good fanfic remains frustratingly hard to find. Rather than commenting yet again as yet another person discovers the series, I thought that I'd actually post my recommendation here.

Defect by kikkimax (also here) features a pre-Hell Dean Winchester caught by the FBI; the problem is, the BAU is needed to figure out what crimes he's actually guilt of. Gen.

The characterizations are spot-on for both series, and it's fabulous to view Dean through the agents' eyes.

Read more... )

The sequel is Hell, and Back.

While I'm here, another great CM/SPN crossover is Haunted Minds by buffyaddict13, in which the BAU investigates what happened at Cold Oaks. Unfortunately, it's a WIP and seems to be on indefinite hiatus.


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