Jul. 11th, 2010 04:14 pm
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Did I miss another bingo controversy?

I'm drawing a blank on what the problem could be - radical childfree folk can't stand to write about them? People don't think those topics fit into their personal definition of schmoop? Hurts too much for the infertile? (Actually, as someone who has had fertility issues, I'd totally understand the last. If I were currently trying, I wouldn't be up for writing about it either.)

Off topic ETA: I shouldn't, but I kind of love it when the dachshund tries to start shit with the beagle.

Because the dachshund is a 13 pound mini, and the beagle is a 60 pound mix.
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My Zach, the (probable) basset hound/pit bull mix, likes to escape sometimes and run around on his own while I have a heart attack worrying about cars. He managed it again last night when I was 75% asleep at about 5:00am, coming back in the house with Duncan (cattle dog/dachshund). He came back home carrying a bone, as has become common since moving here.

At first they were just medium sized chunks of bone, cut off, so I had assumed that he was stealing them from a nearby dog. Then they became actual small-to-medium-sized entire bones, and I started to think that maybe he had found a long-dead deer out in the woods. This time though... this time it was two large bones, still connected by some tissue. This worries me. If there's a human bone yard out there somewhere, I'd really prefer not to know about it.

Torturing family is THE BEST.  )
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I really do live in a zoo.

As of today, my small two bedroom house contains:

+ Four medium-sized dogs (three of my own; one dog that my ex-husband took that I fought like hell to get visitation rights for in the divorce, here for a week)
+ Five cats (three of my own; two belonging to the houseguest who is staying with me for a couple of months)
+ Two adult humans.

For the record, two humans, four dogs, and one cat can all fit comfortably on one standard-sized sofa. I fear the arrival of another cat, however.


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